4 Indicators You Need To Take Your Pet Bird To The ER Vet Clinic

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Your pet bird can provide companionship when you are alone. As such, you should ensure it is healthy and happy. Although health problems are common in all pets, it is important to know when your pet bird is ill, which can be quite a challenge. Generally, birds are naturally wired to hide signs of injuries and illness to keep predators at bay. However, this article will break down various signs your pet bird needs emergency treatment.

1. Lack of Appetite

All birds need to eat food and drink water for good health and survival. While some pet birds may be selective with meals, an instance where your pet bird abruptly stops eating should never be taken lightly. If your pet bird cannot eat or drink, it will lose weight, and its health will keep on worsening.

You know your pet bird better, right? If it is not eating, try its favorite meal first. Still not interested? You need to visit an ER veterinary to examine the bird for signs of injuries and illnesses.

2. Squinting

Has your pet bird been squinting? This could be a warning indicator of pain or eye problems. And you should never ignore it and hope your bird's condition will improve. If left untreated, eyes issues such as sinusitis, mites, or conjunctivitis can worsen and affect the life of your pet.

So if you notice that your pet bird is squinting, be sure to take your bird to the ER vet clinic for examination and treatment. The veterinary officer will pinpoint the root cause of the problem and administer the appropriate medication.

3. Ruffled Feathers

It is normal for your bird to fluff up its feather when it's cold or when it wants to catch a nap. However, there is nothing ordinary about a bird that keeps its feather puffed up all day long. Ruffled feathers could be your pet bird telling you that it has a respiratory issue. This is especially true if it has ruffled her feathers for some time. Seeking ER veterinary services is a great way to restore your pet bird's health.

4. Lethargy

Lethargy is another telltale sign of pet bird ailments. If your pet bird sleeps excessively, is listless, acts out of character, or is uninterested in everyday activities, chances are it is sick. As mentioned, it takes time before pet birds can show symptoms of illness. If your bird is exhibiting these signs, it means it might be seriously ill. It would be best to take it to an ER vet clinic immediately.

If your beloved pet bird exhibits any of the above signs, do not hesitate to seek ER veterinary services. Vets have the skills and equipment to treat your pet bird to ensure it is well, healthy, and happy.

Contact an ER veterinary clinic in your area for more information.