What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Sock

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If you have a dog that tends to try eating items that it should not ingest, you are likely to be concerned if you discover your dog had eaten a sock. Dogs are curious by nature and some consider cloth items to be toys. If you notice that one of your socks is missing, you need to be on high alert afterward so your pet receives proper treatment if necessary. Here are steps to take if you believe your dog had swallowed a sock (or a similar cloth item).

Contact A Veterinarian Immediately

It is best to make a call to your pet's veterinarian as soon as you suspect a sock has been eaten by your dog. If it is off hours when the incident occurs, contact a 24-hour emergency veterinarian in your area. You may be asked to bring your dog in for an evaluation. If the sock was ingested within just a few hours, the vet may be able to pump your dog's stomach to remove it. If you wait too long, the sock will make its way to the intestines. Timeliness in getting your dog treated means you will save money, as a costly surgery is less likely, and your dog will not be at risk for complications with surgical procedures.

Know What To Look For If Time Has Passed

If you are unsure whether your dog actually ate the missing sock or if time had passed and it is no longer an option for a stomach pumping session, be aware of signs of distress in your pet. Monitor your dog's waste to see if the sock passes on its own. This may take a few days to occur. If your dog struggles to have a bowel movement, there is a chance the sock caused a blockage in your pet's intestines. This requires a trip to an emergency veterinarian right away, as the problem can worsen and lead to death if the intestine ruptures. In the hours after the ingestion, your pet may vomit the sock up. This could also cause your pet to have difficulty breathing if the sock gets stuck in your pet's throat. It is best to bring your pet to an emergency vet if it struggles to vomit, refrains from eating, cannot go to the bathroom, or seems lethargic.

Be Aware That Surgery May Be Necessary

If you are positive your dog ate a sock and too much time has passed to have your pet's stomach pumped, there is a possibility surgery will be needed. Your vet will likely have you monitor your dog's behavior and schedule an appointment for exploratory surgery if symptoms of a problem arise. If you are not sure whether your dog actually ate a sock and your dog does not display symptoms, the veterinarian may have you hold off on surgery unless symptoms arise at a later date.