Taking A Dog To The Hospital For Vomiting

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Dogs are sometimes the only companions that people have, which is why their health is just as important as a human's health. For instance, if a dog begins to vomit without a known cause, it should be taken seriously in case there is an underlying health condition causing him or her to vomit. If you are worried about your dog vomiting and do not know what to do, visit an animal hospital rather than take the risk of your pet's life being in danger. Even if your dog does not have a serious health condition that is causing him or her to vomit, he or she is at risk of becoming dehydrated. Taking your dog to an animal hospital will help your pet obtain prompt treatment so he or she can begin to feel better.

The Possible Causes For a Dog to Start Vomiting

A common cause for a dog to start vomiting is when he or she has ingested something that is toxic, such as chocolate. Although chocolate is a tasty and safe treat for humans to consume, it can be fatal for a dog to consume. It is important to seek emergency medical attention at an animal hospital for your pet if he or she is thought to have consumed chocolate. Being exposed to extreme temperatures can also cause a dog to vomit, as a heat stroke can occur just as it does with humans. Kidney and liver failure are a few of the more serious conditions that could cause a dog to vomit.

Why Persistent Vomiting Should Be a Concern

Persistent vomiting is a big concern because it could mean a matter of life or death for your dog. The reason is that vomiting leads to a dog losing a substantial amount of body fluid. You do not want your dog to lose too much body fluid because dehydration will occur, which could land your pet in the hospital or worse. Dehydration can also cause your dog to develop a dry mouth and nose.

How an Animal Hospital Can Help with Vomiting

If your dog is already dehydrated from vomiting, he or she can be promptly placed on fluids at an animal hospital via an IV. Your dog will also undergo testing to diagnose the cause of the vomiting, which you can assist with by filling out his or her health history. For example, the medical form will ask questions regarding your dog's overall health and what he or she ate when the vomiting began. If your dog has been vomiting off and on for hours, head to an animal hospital without delay.

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