Caring For Your Dog's Coat

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Owning a dog is a major responsibility, and while you may pay much attention to meeting your dog's basic health needs, you might overlook caring for its coat. However, this is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and clean.

Investing In Grooming Supplies

Grooming your pet is likely to be a challenging ordeal the first several times that you attempt to do it. Over time, your pet may grow accustomed to being groomed, but it may always prove difficult to get your animal to stay still long enough for you to do this work. By investing in high-quality grooming supplies, you can be sure that you will be able to complete the grooming process as quickly as possible. For example, some people may assume a standard brush will be the most effective option, but there are also gloves that can be worn that will act as a brush. These glove brushes will allow you to rapidly brush your pet's entire coat because you will be able to use a normal petting motion.

Have Your Dog's Coat Professionally Trimmed

If your dog has a long coat, it will need to be regularly trimmed. Failing to trim the coat can allow it to become matted and extremely dirty. This may cause your pet to develop a foul smell, and it can also be unpleasant for the animal as this can make skin problems more likely to develop. Unfortunately, trimming a dog's coat can be surprisingly difficult because the shears will often frighten the animal. To avoid accidentally cutting your dog, you should leave having its coat trimmed to professional groomers as they will have the skills and equipment needed to safely and effectively cut your animal's coat.

Wash Your Dog's Coat At Least Once Every Couple Of Weeks

Washing your dog is an essential type of care that should be regularly performed. This is particularly true for those that let their dog inside. However, it is also important for those that keep their animal outside as a dirty coat can lead to skin problems, and it may make the animal a bigger target for ticks and other pests. Ideally, the dog's coat should be washed every couple of weeks, but you may need to do this more often if there is a lot of dirt or mud where your pet likes to play.

Regularly Inspect The Dog's Coat

It can be wise to develop the habit of regularly inspecting your dog's coat for signs of problems. There are many skin conditions and diseases that will start out as minor patches of irritated skin or shedding of fur. Identifying these anomalies will allow you to seek treatment for your animal so that any discomfort can be alleviated.

For more information, contact your local pet care service.