How To Care For Your Bunny When You Go On Vacation

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When you have a dog or cat, and you go on vacation, you have the option of leaving your pet at a boarding kennel. Things are a bit different when you're a bunny owner. There aren't exactly rabbit kennels on every street corner. What are your options for bunny care when you're away, and how do they compare?

Boarding Your Bunny

Although they are few and far between, there are animal boarding facilities that take on rabbits. Ask your veterinarian if they can recommend one in your area. You do have to use extreme discretion when looking for rabbit boarders -- because there is little competition, anyone can enter the market, and not everyone who does is reputable. 

Check out the facility in person, and make sure the bunnies have clean, safe surroundings and space to roam. If the facility takes in other animals in addition to rabbits, make sure the rabbits are located far from the dogs or cats. Even if your bunny has a dog or cat pal at home, a strange dog or cat may frighten or hurt them.

Hiring a Home Care Service

If there are no satisfactory bunny boarding businesses in your area, then a good option is to hire a pet home care service to take care of your rabbit. There are many of these services springing up online these days. You can see ratings for various pet sitters and look for someone local. The good thing about hiring a home care service for your rabbit is that the sitter won't have to drop in too often. If they just stop by once a day for a half hour, they should be able to feed your pet, give it a little attention, and clean the litter box.

Dropping the Bunny Off at a Friend's House

If you have a friend who is willing to help you out, consider dropping the bunny off at their house while you're gone. You may worry about how the bunny will adapt to the new environment, but in most cases, they settle in within a day or two as long as the space is quiet. Have your friend clean out a room for the bunny so it can have its own space away from kids and other pets. With basic care instructions, almost anyone can take care of a bunny for a few weeks -- even in a small apartment.

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