4 Additions To Ask Your Groomer About

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If you are taking your dog into finally have them washed and have their hair trimmed, then there are a few other things you should inquire about when you're there. This article will list four additions that you should ask your pet groomer about. Read on to learn more. 

1. Nail Trimming

When your dog' nails are too long, they can easily catch on things and snag which can be really painful. Additionally, they can sometimes be in pain just by walking if they are too long. Make sure to ask your pet groomer about having their nails trimmed right away. To trim them they can either use an oscillating sander device, or they can just cut them. Typically, the oscillating tool is better because it gives them round edges that are easier on your hardwood floors and furniture. 

2. Dental Care

Even though dental care is usually done entirely separately from pet grooming, it's still something that you can have your groomer check for when your dog is getting groomed. Typically, you will have to schedule a whole other appointment because they will usually sedate your dog so that they can get a thorough cleaning. 

3. Face Mask

If you have a dog that has wrinkles around their face like a pug or Boston terrier, then you may know just how much dirt and bacteria can hide within all of their facial wrinkles. To make sure that their face is getting as clean as possible, ask your groomer if they will do a facial with a face mask. The combination of these two things will help to clean out their wrinkles, hydrate their face, and make sure that the skin on their face is as healthy as the rest of their body. 

4. Anal Glands

Yes, it's disgusting to talk about but ask your groomer to check your dog's anal glands. Some dogs relieve their anal glands on their own, but other dogs need a little bit of help from a groomer. If your dog's anal glands aren't relieved on a regular basis, it can hurt them and can even cause an infection. 

Having your pet groomed on a regular basis is a great thing to do not only for your pet but for everyone's noses around you. Make sure to talk to your pet grooming company about these additions in this article. If they don't think any of them are necessary, they will tell you so that you won't be charged for an unnecessary expense.