Are You Hosting A Family Event Immediately Following Your Business Trip? 3 Tips To Make Sure Your Dog Is Ready

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When you live a busy lifestyle, events can stack up fast. While a business trip is stressful enough, you must also be ready to host a family event as soon as you get home. Naturally, your dog is just like a member of the family, and you need to know that they are ready to greet your guests and be ready for those exciting group photographs. As you prep for your trip, use these tips to make sure your dog is ready for the excitement when you both return home.

Stock Up On Pet Food and Supplies

After your trip, you may not have time to run to the store for last minute items such as dog food. Since you will already need to have enough food to last your dog the time that they are at the kennel, you can go ahead and buy a little extra to tide you over through the family event. As you do so, make sure to also pick up any other essential supplies such as pet medications or puppy training pads that you might need until you can go shopping again.

Minimize Transitional Anxiety

Dog boarding tends to go best when your pet is already familiar with the people who will care for them during your business trip. If your dog is going to a new boarding facility, then find out if you can stop in for a quick visit a day or two before the drop-off day. This allows your dog to explore the new scents and meet the staff. After a few pets or a quick session of playtime, your dog will be ready for their big day. You can also let the staff know that you will be hosting a big family event immediately after your dog's return home. This way, they can either give your dog some extra playtime or keep things calm depending upon your dog's personality so that they are in a great mood at pick-up time.

Schedule Grooming Before the Scheduled Pick Up Date

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. While you may do the bulk of your dog's grooming yourself, it may not be possible to find the time before everyone arrives. Arrange for dog grooming to be done the day before your dog comes home. This provides your dog with a chance to relax before all of the excitement, and you can rest assured that your family will be greeted with the most adorable pup ever.

Multitasking is just another part of having a successful career and a canine in your family. While it's hard to leave your pup behind while you travel, you can use their boarding time to help them be ready for big crowd heading toward your home.